Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Back To The Old House

Apologies in advance if you're the sort who doesn't enjoy rummaging through other people's photos.... I, however, bloody love it. I finally persuaded (forced) my lovely Granny to dig out some photos from her youth, and these are the fruits of her labour. Many of the snappy little numbers she wears led me to oh-so-casually enquire 'So... did you happen to keep any of your dresses?' but she's having none of it, unfortunately.

Here are my grandparents, John and Joyce, on their wedding day in 1956. My great-aunty sewed her divine Broiderie Anglaise dress as their wedding present, would you believe!

For their honeymoon, the newlyweds hot-footed it to Jersey, where they hired out scooters and sunbathed on the beach. Please note their deliriously happy expressions and my Grandad's rather dapper suit.

Finally, we stumbled across some seriously archaic photographs, dating back to as far as the 1930's. My granny as a baby (complete with a shock of black hair), my infant Grandad posing awkwardly on a chair, and my Grandad as a slightly older lad strutting his stuff down a pier with his ridiculously well-dressed Ma and Pa.

Finally - the piece de resistance - my great-grandparent's 1920's wedding photograph. That dress is absolutely beautiful, and just gaze in awe at her Marcel waves. 

Now, I am pining for some teenage pics of my Mum back in the 70's - this should be interesting!

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