Thursday, 14 April 2011

Everything Goes My Way.

This sunny little number has been playing constantly in the back of my mind for a good week now. Metronomy's previous offerings were always a joy to the ears, but I have to say, I maybe prefer their change in sound. They definitely benefit from this lady's perfectly deadpan vocals - and what lovely hair!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Modest Mouse.

I recently had a nasty encounter with a white mouse (of the confectionary variety, of course). In a moment of gluttony, I treated myself to a tasty little bag of pick 'n' mix, remembering how amazing it used to taste back in the day. I made sure I got plenty of my old favourites including white mice, pink pigs and jazzies. However, later that evening, when I eagerly bit into one of my sugar-laden morsels, it did not taste as delicious as my memories suggested. In fact, it tasted a bit.... piggy. It really just tasted like pig fat. I was greatly saddened - my childhood was a sham (maybe).
A few weeks later, I saw these cute little mice-shaped chocolate moulds, and thought I would make a stab at reconciling myself with my old beloveds.

1. Seek out 200g of good quality white chocolate. I am aware that 'good quality' and 'white chocolate' is pretty much a paradox phrase. White chocolate is pretty rubbish, purely as it doesn't have cocoa in. But you can overlook this fact, because you will soon be eating posh white mice. For added panache, I chucked in a couple of packets of Fizz Wiz - that lovely, satisfying, crackling candy.

2. Slowly melt the chocolate in the microwave or, if you're very particular, in a pan of boiling water. No burnt bits, please. Sprinkle in the Fizz Wiz, making sure to save a pinch or two for your own childish enjoyment.

3. Now, evenly ladle it into your anticipating mice-shaped moulds. If you have worryingly unstable hands like me, and drip it all over the shop, never fear because you can just snap it off and eat it when it's set.

4. Leave them in your fridge to set for a while; about 1.5 hours should do the trick. Present them to your loved ones with the next cup of tea you make them - it's probably the only time that the sight of mice in a kitchen is met with joy.

As a non-white chocolate lover, I have to say, these were still pretty tasty. I admit to using white chocolate purely for aesthetic reasons, and it would be a sweet idea to add a few drops of food colouring to the mix (cornflower blue mice, anyone?). I am strongly considering popping them in a paper bag and showing the sweet shops how white mice should really be done!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Last Night At The Jetty

Excuse the weird 'media project' style video, but this song is actually beautiful. I'm feeling I may actually put my stingey little hand in my pocket and buy Panda Bear's new album, 'Tomboy', which is out of April the 12th. Why not follow suit?