Thursday, 8 July 2010

My Top Five: Modest Mouse

Like the majority of human race, I was first exposed to Modest Mouse when they released a lovely little number named 'Float On'. I was instantly smitten, and they have since become one of my most beloved musical ventures. The band plucked their charming moniker from the Virginia Woolf story 'The Mark On The Wall', and have been churning out wonderful songs since 1994. However they didn't reach mainstream success for another decade, when they came up trumps with the truly wonderful album 'Good News For People Who Love Bad News'. Since then it's all been smooth sailing, and in 2006, they received the ultimate nod of approval when a certain Johnny Marr decided he'd join 'em.

The brains behind the band, Isaac Brock, has led quite a life – he grew up on a trailer park, had the standard musician substance-habit, was falsely accused of rape, and was charged with attempted murder (because his passenger broke their finger in a crash – no joke!). His slightly questionable life experience has left him with a knack for seriously good songwriting skills though, so it's all good. Wikipedia (fountain of all knowledge) sums it up wisely: 'He is noted for his very clever wordplay and frequent use of metaphors, philosophical lyrics, themes of oppressive urban lifestyles, and certain phrases and sayings commonly used in the early- to mid-20th century and in blue collar environments.' Yeah, what they said.

Without further ado, here are my most beloved Modest Mouse songs. Oh and please excuse the shoddy, unofficial videos, it wouldn't let me use the ones I wanted!

5. The World At Large

I melt a little bit every time I hear this, it's just so easy on the ears. Fun fact for you: I once saw this used in a romantic moment on Hollyoaks, no less.

4. The Good Times Are Killing Me

I should probably be saying something about the wonderful song - but look at that rather unusual set! Plastic plants and a mock-skyline?! Also note the keyboard players impressively tattooed hands.

3. Dashboard

Easily one of my (top ten) favourite songs to dance to when I'm out on the razz. When this badboy comes on, my usually impeccable manners goes out the window - I have no qualms about pushing my way to the dancefloor. 

2. Ocean Breathes Salty

Prettiest song name ever, I think so. Unfortunately this video doesn't do this song justice, so please Youtube the actual video, it's excellent - maybe Isaac had a sore throat?

1. Missed The Boat
And finally, my all-time favourite Modest Mouse song (currently) is this little gem. The lyrics are truly wonderful and his voice is like no other. I challenge you to not adore this!

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