Monday, 28 June 2010

A Luscious Mix Of Words and Tricks

Last night, having exhausted my own DVD collection, we decided to give the much-applauded 'Garden State' a whirl. Whilst better than your average, inane rom-com (Sex and The City 2, I'm looking at you here), I found it a bit lack-lustre really. P'raps it was my growing dislike for Zac Braff that dampened my enthusiasm for it - why does he always purse his lips? It did, however, reconfirm my belief that Natalie Portman looks more delightful with short hair, and made me fall in love with this little number all over again:

p.s. Do you agree that The Shins are one of those rare bands that, live, sound exactly as they do recorded? Spooky eh.

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