Sunday, 13 June 2010

Birthday Shenanigans

Sad times children, I am no longer a teenager... I am bloody twenty! My frightening birthday was rapidly approaching and my favourite person in the world was all the way over in Edinburgh, so what's a girl to do? I decided to go and pay Edinburgh a little visit. Plus, my darling sis' college was hosting a Roald Dahl-themed end of year party and there's no way I'm missing that. I do love a bit of fancy dress.

So, on the eve of my birthday I slowly but surely make my way down to bonnie Scotland. After lots of hugs 'n' smiles at the train station, me and Lo head straight off to a barbecue on the meadows, for some fun times and burnt halloumi. Fast forward one indulgent 90's teen film and some much-needed sleep, we woke up on my date of birth to be greeted with breakfast in bed, courtesy of Laura's gentle giant of a boyfriend, Josh (as seen on TV!). We eventually haul ourselves out of her lovely flat and hit the shops for some serious window shopping. We went to a charming little cafe called Eteakette, where we feasted on posh fizzy drinks, sandwiches and, of course, cake!

Once we're all shopped out, we are about to go to a Diane Arbus exhibition when we receive an invite to Chrissie's private graduation showing. Naturally we plump for the latter, and I am very glad we did - I was astounded (and shamed) by all the wonderful creations from the ECA graduates.... oh, what I'd give to be talented. I may be a wee bit biased in my opinion, but I reckon Chrissie was definitely the best in her class - just look at this guy! Caption reads: Please don't touch me (I just don't like it)

We scamper on home to hastily eat some tea, before eagerly getting ready for the main event. Laura, inspired by Wes Anderson's latest offering, dressed as The Fantastic Mrs Fox, complete with an enormous furry tail and co-ordinating mask. Nice! Josh really had no other option than to be The BFG, all he had to do was spray his hair grey and put on some comedy ears. I myself dressed as The Spider from James and The Giant Peach. Sadly, one of the perils of being the one with the camera is you get no photos of with you in it, but if any surface I shall let you know. 

For our all important pre-drinks, we stocked up on rum and pineapple juice, then hotfooted it round to their friend's flat, featuring a Willy Wonka, Mrs Ladybird and another Fantastic Mr Fox. It wasn't long before a pack of cards was cracked out and we played one of the best drinking games known to mankind, aptly named 'Gee Whizz'. Needless to say, we were all quite tipsy by the time we descended upon the actual soiree!

The party was hosted in the college, lending it a nice school-disco-but-with-alcohol atmosphere. It was all decked out with fairy lights and Roald Dahl murals, and each different studio hosted a different soundtrack, as well occasional bouts of karaoke. It was pretty amazing amounts of fun, though I unwisely decided to do away with mixers and just drink shots (bad. move.) so my memory is slightly hazy, particularly towards the latter end of the night. I have absolutely no recollection of our 5am walk home through The Meadows, where we apparently befriended a guy with a green face! Due to my squiffy state, the only photo I managed to take is this here one - a photo of Beth's hand taking a photo of the boys doing karaoke. It pretty much sums the night up, I reckon.

The next day we woke up far earlier than we'd of liked, to make our way back to dear Hull with as many of Laura's worldly possessions in tow as possible. Coupled with our bad decision of bringing no entertainment whatsoever, it was possibly the most nauseous train journey of my life. However, we salvaged things slightly by getting a nice greasy Burger King and wapping out Lo's laptop to watch Atonement. Eventually we rolled in at the station, where we were greeted with open arms and promptly whisked back to our nice, clean house. After absolutely inhaling our dinner, then came one of the best bits of birthdays - presents! Here is a little cross-section of my most aesthetically appealing gifts, including a beautiful 'sweetheart' necklace, apothecary-style lotions and potions and a cowboy mug. Oh, and I got a Latitude ticket! I am a lucky, lucky gal.

So far, twenty is not shaping up too bad!

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