Monday, 2 August 2010

Viva La France.

Today, my lovely sister and her gentleman caller fled dreary Hull to galavant to the capitol of the world's most beautiful country. Paris, oui oui! I am so envious I could weep. On the bright side, they have promised to take plenty o' photos and Lo will bring me back a tiny bit of Paris as a belated birthday present. Being the kind sister that I am, coupled with my penchant for making a playlist for the slightest of occasions, I promised to make a soundtrack for their excursion. But, being the last-minute fools we are, this never made it onto her (dead) Ipod, so... here you go kids; a collection of the finest songs, à la Française.

'Moi Je Joue' - Brigitte Bardot

As well as being an actress, a snappy dresser and a pretty face, to top it all off, 'B.B.' was also something of a singer. How about that! You'll have no doubt heard this countless of times (and, perhaps, attempted to sing along) on Sofia Coppola's lovely advertisement for the delicious Miss Dior Cherie perfume.

'Nantes' - Beirut

This ridiculously lovely little number hails from Beirut's second album, 'The Flying Club Cup', which was inspired by Zach Condon's travels around Europe, not to mention his love for French chanson. 

'Bonnie & Clyde' & 'L'anamour' - Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot

Here are two wonderful songs from France's favourite enfant terrible and his (at the time) lover. In the former, please enjoy Bardot's pronunciation of 'Boneeeey' and the excellent line 'Moi, Bonnie, Je tremble pour Clyde Barrow'. As for the latter, well - It couldn't be more sleazy and 60's sounding, and I love him for that. 

'La Ritournelle' - Sebastien Tellier

From one saucy Frenchman to another, here is the wonderful Sebastien Tellier. Not too much to say about this, other than it is so easy on the ears, it simply can't fail to put a silly little smile on your face. 

My favourite song from the original 'Yé-' girl. It is one of those occasions where it sounds all giddy and upbeat, but once you read the lyrics, you learn she is lamenting how nobody loves her. Unlikely - have you seen this woman's face? And she's still a beauty now, at the ripe old age of 66! This snappy little number would be more than ideal for leisurely strolls down the Champs Elysees

'La Vie En Rose' - Edith Piaf

This beautiful song is the quintessential theme tune of France, from their biggest icon, so how could I not include it? Madam Piaf at her finest, and it's so very amazing. 

Admittedly, it's neither sung in French nor about Paris... but they are wonderfully French, and this song is too lovely for words, so I'm having it! 

'Sous Le Ciel De Paris' - Juliette Gréco

From the title alone, it's fairly obvious just what this is all about, but when I translated the lyrics this is one of the verses: 'Under the Bercy bridge/ A philosopher sits / Two musicians, a few loafers/ And then thousands of people/ Under the sky of Paris/ They will be singing until night falls/ The song of a people in love/ With their old city.' Perfect description, non?

'Comptine D'Un Autre Ete' - Yann Tierson

Simply put, a Parisian playlist wouldn't be complete without this eye-wateringly lovely piano number, from my all-time favourite film, Amelie. 

Maybe, just maybe, if I listen to these guys with my eyes closed, eating macaroons and drinking wine, I might trick myself into thinking I'm in France. Then again... perhaps not.

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