Thursday, 27 May 2010

Swearing's For Art Students

Today, I'm going to show off some pretty damn amazing pieces by an artist very dear to me... Laura Dixon, a.k.a. my sis! Lo is in her second year of Illustration at the prestigious Edinburgh College Of Art, where she spends her days drawing pretty things, watching amazing bands and creating mad culinary concoctions. I am rather jealous, I must confess. When she reads this (Oh hi, Laura!) she will no doubt be blushing furiously, but if you have such wonderful skills, why not show them off, eh? Here are some of my favourite creations of hers to date....

Now, I don't care for mushrooms but this still makes me salivate slightly. 

If a robin flies overhead on St. Valentines Day, you shall marry a sailor!

One of a series of bearded men portraits, this is our favourite artist, Mister Gustav Klimt.

Laura's homage to one of the most fascinating races in the world, surely!

Another bearded man, this time one that makes her swoon - Bill The Butcher/ Daniel Day Lewis 

Well, now I'm blushing! 

She's really quite talented, don't you think? 

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