Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Can't You Feel The Knife?

For a while now, I have been torn between two very different renditions of one very lovely song - which do I love slightly more? In fact, do I really have to choose? Who says you can't love two versions at the same time, anyway! I have plenty o' room in my life for them both.

For starters, here is the stupidly talented Grizzly Bear, singin' their own song a cappella. No instruments, yet it still sounds like heaven! I particularly enjoy how thoroughly uncomfortable Ed Droste looks to be wandering around Paris singing his heart out - see how he keeps trying to obscure his face with his hands and jumper, bless him. (Interesting little tidbit for you - the name 'Grizzly Bear' comes from Ed's nickname for an old boyfriend. How sweet.)

For dessert, here is a slightly sloppier, but nonetheless charming, version of the song. We all like a drunken sing-song with our friends after a night out on the razz, but if you happen to be Zach Condon and your friends are the La Blogotheque crew, it's gonna go on the Internet the next day. Not to mention sound infinitely better than anything most of us could muster, sad times. 
Personal highlights include; when they all forget the words, the sassy little dancing friend, and when the camera turns to the smoking, completely deadpan French lady - she clearly does this all the time. He gets definite brownie points for managing to sounds so divine after several drinks.... what a man!

The jury really is out on this one.

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