Friday, 4 February 2011

Dents De Lait, Dents De Loup!

I can't stop listening to this catchy little number, which charmingly translates to 'Milk teeth, wolf teeth' by Serge Gainsbourg and 60's teenage star France Gall. Not sure if this was before or after naughty Serge humiliated Gall by having her sing 'Les Sucettes' - a song she believed to be about her love of sucking on lolly pops, when in reality it was about sucking... something else. Anyway, back to today's song - please enjoy how it sounds like the theme tune of an old cartoon/ something out of Austin Powers. And bless him, could Serge looks any more awkward in the midst of all those dancing ladies? He is a strange man, but then, the best ones are...

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